About Us

Our Community House of Hope (OCHH) was founded in the fall of 2005 by a group of healthcare professionals and community leaders who came together, all with the common vision of helping the growing numbers of terminally ill in their communities. Each of these founding members have had personal and professional experience with death and dying that has changed them and made them aware of the need to help the many alone and suffering people who need a compassionate, caring home as they face their last days. The OCHH committee members are community leaders who are committed and motivated to make this end-of-life home a reality.

OCHH HomeOCHH is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in the Ventura and Northwestern Los Angeles counties. Our initial House of Hope is located in the city of Thousand Oaks, California and opened in March of 2012. This four-bed, residential care home will serve ~160 end-of-life residents annually, and is 100% community-funded.

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Our Future plan is to build a free-standing, ten-bed, end-of-life residential care home and education center that will serve ~360 end-of-life residents annually. We need $5,000,000 to reach this goal.

OCHH will also function as an educational center for students and professionals interested in end of-life care from various schools, universities, and community programs.

OCHH is a social-model residence that can be replicated in other California communities and across the nation as a response to the care-giving crisis.

"Where does the alone, isolated or needy person go to die? What resources do they have available to them when they are no longer capable of caring for themselves and their family is either unable or unwilling to do so? What obligation does a community have to care for the basic human needs of its dying members? Finding a bed for a needy dying person in a skilled nursing facility is challenging at best and sometimes impossible. Current government programs fall far short of meeting the current needs." - Bonnie Olson, CEO Buena Vista Hospice, Inc.