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Our Community House of Hope

Our Community House of Hope is a home for the terminally ill, where final days are lived with dignity, love, and respect. We provide compassionate care, coordination with medical hospice, comfort in end-of-life care, and provide educational services for the community. FREE OF CHARGE

HouseofHopeadvance3_14664401_ver1.0_640_480 THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Wayne Zellner took one last bath, splashed on Old Spice and put on his favorite hat before lying down and taking his final breath at Our Community House of Hope.Read the full story!
Pam loved her dad, Wayne. As she sat with him at OCHH, she had many thoughts and feelings. She tells her story here.

Listen and be moved.

Thank you to KCLU 88.3 for the technical capturing and editing of his story for us.

Pam and Dad

What People think of Our Community House of Hope

IMG_0810OCHH did more for us than words can express.

My husband was deployed overseas, I am in the Navy too.

My boys were struggling, watching grandma sick.

Without OCHH I don’t know what I would have done.

VolunteersWe LOVE the volunteers at OCHH.

They are kind and understanding.

They give us hugs, cry with us and laugh too.

Thank you volunteers!

We as a family all agree, what you gave us was the Gift of Time.

It was the gift of being able to relax and to have time with our mother;

and to provide her the love and support.

We all needed OCHH to help us find peace.